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If you were legally   employed in England  statement  tax return, the  who   following   tired of  each tax year (5 April)  or  after termination of employment,  below , that the   to the end of the tax year are not going to  nuże  on the island for business purposes. The amount of the refund depends on  since your earnings. If  earnings exceeds the amount exempt from  tax, our consultants calculate  initially amount due a refund. Taking  at the bottom of the fact that   most of the citizens of our country, he went to the island for a profit on the  comparatively short periods,  z they generally do not exceed the aforementioned free  since tax amount,  because of   why   complex  overpaid tax band. Responsible is  in word   our  Revenue,  which is in the UK is assigned  according to of the employer  and  and not the place of residence of the employee.
Settlement in England is not mandatory.

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